Pairfund - How It Works
How It Works
All you need to know about Pairfund
How It Works
Pairfund is an automated website and that makes everything so easy and convenient for all its Participants. When you hit the registration button from the homepage, upon the completion of the registration, the system will immediately pair you with someone to make donation to for the exact amount you choose while on the registration, so its much advisable not to register if you dont have the money ready please and please. It will slow down the system.

After you have been paired to make donation, you will have the grace of 48 hours to make the donation else you will be automatically deleted from the sytem and no extension of time please! Then after that, you will have to put a call through to the participant the system asked you to pay for the person to activate your account, and after you are been confirmed, sit back and wait for the system to pair you with some other participants that will as well make X3 donation of the exact amount you paid out earlier within 15days or less.

Please for more understanding on how the system works, kindly watch the ideology video below. Please for complicated issues, complaints and/or questions, write to You can as well chat with us using the LiveChat below or Call/WhatsApp Us on: +1 (504) 545-4332. Thank you