Pairfund - FAQ
All you need to know about Pairfund
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Pairfund?
Ans: Pairfund is a mutual peer to peer donation system originated from Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), United States built on the purpose of creating financial freedom environment for some part of the world.
Pairfund is based on the ideology in which when you donate at any of our approved donation levels, you will get back X3 of the actual amount donated within 15days or less. Its Very Certain and Guaranteed! For more informations, please call/WhatsApp Us on: +1 (504) 545-4332

When Was Pairfund Launched?
Ans: Pairfund came into existence on the 13th of February, 2017. And ever since then, the website has been putting smiles on the faces of World (some specifically) who truly trust Us and believe we can help them eradicate poverty by creating a financial freedom environment.

Who Is/Are the Coordinator(s) Of Pairfund?
Ans: Good question here! Pairfund is being managed and controlled by some group of individuals situated in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), United States. The address and contact information can be found at the foot of the website. For more informations, do not hesitate to Call/WhatsApp Us on: +1 (504) 545-4332

How Do I Join?
Ans: Navigate through the navigation menu bar and click on Register. As simple as ABC!

What Will Be My Benefit After I Join?
Ans: Upon successful registration, the system will automatically pair you with a participant to make donation to, after making the payment and you got activated by the participant, you will be rewarded with 3 participants to donate to you likewise.

When Will The System Merge Me To Make donation?
Ans: As stated above, immediately after your registration, the system will connect you to make donation to any available participant in the system due to receive donation for the selected amount you chosen while on registration. Peradventure, its quite right possible not to get merged immediately after your successful registration but surely before 24hours of your registration, the system will pair you with someone to make donation to.

Why Am I Having Incomplete Cycle Merging?
Ans: Kindly be aware that as new participants are coming into the system, thats how the incomplete cycle merging will keep disappearing. Everything is automated so the more you invite your friends and family to come and participate on Pairfund, the quicker and faster you get paid. Simple!

Can I Recycle My Account?
Ans: Yes please! You can recycle your account again after you've completed your first or second circle as the cases maybe. As soon as you got paid by the three participants the system pair with you to make donation to you, the recycle tab will appear on your dashboard. Thank you.

Please for more complicated issues, complaints and/or questions, write to You can as well chat with us using the LiveChat below or Call/WhatsApp Us on: +1 (504) 545-4332. Thank you.